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Jewish Liturgical Music

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  Leo Rosenblüth
01 Psalm 93 4'11
  Leo Rosenblüth
02 Y'hi ratson (Blessing of the Month (Sabbath)) 9'40
  Leo Rosenblüth
03 R'tseh (Sabbath) 5'15
  Gershon Ephros
04 The Priestly Benediction (Sabbath) 3'44
  Leo Rosenblüth
05 Psalm 116: 7-9 5'55
  Leo Rosenblüth
06 Tavo L 'Fanecha (Yom Kippur) 2'48
  Leo Rosenblüth
07 M'loch (New Year) (Rosh Hashanah) 6'59
  Leo Rosenblüth
08 V'hagen (High Holidays) 3'59
  Moses Pergament
09 Kol Nidre (Yom Kippur) 6'02
  Album total 50'00
OrganThyresson, Maria
Vitolins, Andris
BaritoneRosenblüth, Leo
ComposerEphros, Gershon
Pergament, Moses
Rosenblüth, Leo
ChoirChamber Choir of the Royal College of Music Stockholm
ConductorEricson, Eric
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