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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Instrumental theatre of affects

Composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Performer Marcin Swiatkiewicz
Arte dei Suonatori
Catalogue Number BIS- 2459 SACD
EAN 7318599924595
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Apr 2024
Total time 84'11

Following their critically acclaimed recording of Johann Gottfried Müthel’s keyboard concertos (BIS-2179), Polish ensemble Arte dei Suonatori and Marcin Świątkiewicz, who conducts from his instrument, perform the six Hamburg symphonies by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach interspersed with solo fantasias for keyboard. The music of C.P.E. Bach has always been a source of fascination for the listener with its great variety of atmospheres, captivating melodic ideas, irresistible contrasts, surprising interweaving of voices, eccentric harmonies, and extreme dynamic transitions. The six symphonies featured here are no exception, displaying a truly ‘subversive’ musical style expressed through extreme contrasts. Owing to the richness of their ideas, the virtuosity and the acuity of the compositional work, these works are considered the crowning achievement of C.P.E. Bach’s output. Since these symphonies can be considered as intimate chamber music, they are here performed by a compact ensemble where each musician participates in the interpretation on an equal footing, and everyone is heard. Thanks to the historically oriented performance practices followed here, the Hamburg symphonies and fantasias of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach thus regain the impact they originally had, inspiring awe, and moving hearts.
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  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 5 in B minor; Wq 182/5
01 I. Allegretto 3'50
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 5 in B minor, Wq 182/5 6'02
02 II. Larghetto 2'35
03 III. Presto 3'27
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Sonata in F minor; Wq 63/6
04 Finale - Fantasia in C minor, Wq 63/6 5'56
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 3 in C major, Wq 182/3 10'32
05 I. Allegro assai 2'41
06 II. Adagio 3'02
07 III. Allegretto 4'49
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
08 Fantasia in F major, Wq 59/5 4'53
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 2 in B flat major, Wq 182/2 12'36
09 I. Allegro di molto 3'37
10 II. Poco adagio 3'29
11 III. Presto 5'30
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 4 in A major, Wq 182/4 12'50
12 I. Allegro ma non troppo 4'29
13 II. Largo ed innocentemente 3'58
14 III. Allegro assai 4'23
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
15 Fantasia 2'03
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 6 in E major, Wq 182/6 9'12
16 I. Allegro di molto 2'24
17 II. Poco andante 3'06
18 III. Allegro spirituoso 3'42
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
19 Fantasia in G minor, Wq 117/13 4'07
  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Hamburg Symphony No. 1 in G major, Wq 182/1 12'10
20 I. Allegro di molto 3'51
21 II. Poco adagio 4'08
22 III. Presto 4'11
  Album total 84'11
ComposerBach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
HarpsichordSwiatkiewicz, Marcin
OrchestraArte dei Suonatori
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