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The Sibelius Edition Vol.3 - Voice & Orchestra

6 CDs for the price of 3

Following up the first two instalments of THE SIBELIUS EDITION, this third volume offers the complete music for voice and orchestra, including orchestral songs, cantatas, melodramas and the composer’s one opera – The Maiden in the Tower. Opening the programme is one of Sibelius’s greatest works, Kullervo. This is his first work of symphonic proportions, and was a huge success at its première in 1892, only to be withdrawn soon after by the young composer. Here, for the first time, Sibelius entered the mythological realm of Kalevala, Finland’s national epos, a world which he would return to on numerous occasions – for instance in works such as Luonnotar, A Song for Lemminkäinen and The Origin of Fire, all included in this collection. Another theme which runs through Sibelius’s output was the yearning for national independence, a yearning which was fulfilled in 1917. The Fool’s Song of the Spider, Sandels, Have You Courage? and The Captive Queen are only some of the included works with a more or less overt political message. As with the previous instalments, several of the works are given here in more than one version, mirroring the composer’s tendency to return to a score even after publication, as well as his willingness, in certain cases, to adapt a work to varying performance conditions. Also included are the composer’s earliest surviving attempts at writing for choir and orchestra: two chorales from his student years. Among the recordings, three have not been previously released, and one of these – the 1912 version of  Have You Courage? – is a world première. Assembled in chronological order, the remaining recordings have been collected from a number of earlier discs, released to great critical acclaim. To mention but a few, Osmo Vänskä’s Kullervo has been described as ‘a first-class account, dramatic and powerfully atmospheric’ in Gramophone while the performances of  the orchestral songs with Jorma Hynninnen and MariAnne Häggander supported by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra received a Grand Prix du Disque at the time of their original release.
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Disc 1
  Jean Sibelius
  Kullervo, Op.7 80'01
01 Introduction 12'50
02 Kullervon nuoruus (Kullervo´s Youth) 19'18
03 Kullervo ja hänen sisarensa (Kullervo and his Sister) 25'27
04 Kullervon sotaanlähtö (Kullervo Goes to War) 10'04
05 Kullervon kuolema (Kullervo´s Death) 12'22
Disc 2
  Jean Sibelius
  [Two Chorales] for mixed choir and orchestra, 1889 4'46
01 Herr du bist ein Fels (Lord, you are a rock) 1'41
02 Herr erzeige uns deine Gnade (Lord, show us your mercy) 3'05
03 Rakastava (The Lover), JS160b, 1894 6'28
  Kantaatti tohtorin- ja maisterin-vihkijäisissä 31
päivänä toukokuuta 1894, JS105 [Cantata for the
University Graduation Ceremonies of 1894]
04 I. Syntyi kun maailmat… (When the planets were born…) 7'23
05 II. Kaskeksi korvet ne raadettiin… (We tore down and burned the woods…) 15'17
06 III. Andantino [orchestra] 8'53
07 The Wood-Nymph, Op.15, melodrama for recitation, piano and orchestra 10'10
08 Serenad (Serenade), JS168, for baritone and orchestra 5'47
  Kantaatti ilo- ja onnentoivotusjuhlassa Marraskuun 2.
päivänä 1896, JS104 (Cantata for the Coronation of
Nicholas II)
09 I. Terve nuori ruhtinas… (Hail, young prince…) 8'33
10 II. Oikeuden varmassa turvassa… (In the sure security of justice…) 9'58
Disc 3
  Jean Sibelius
  Jungfrun i tornet (The Maiden in the Tower), JS101, opera in one act 35'12
01 Overture 2'50
02 Scene 1: Bailiff: Fagraste mö… (Fairest maiden…) 5'49
03 Scene 2: Maiden: Santa Maria… 3'48
04 Scene 3: Maiden: Ah, hör jag rätt… (Ah, do I hear right…) 4'05
05 Intermezzo 1'01
06 Scene 4: Lover: Ack, när jag ser hennes drag… (Ah, when I see her face…) 4'01
07 Scene 5: Maiden: Brännande kval… (Burning torment…) 8'10
08 Scene 6: Bailiff: Vem är du… (Who are you…) 1'04
09 Scene 7: Chatelaine: Vad är det jag ser? (What's this I see?) 1'27
10 Scene 8 Maiden: Så är jag fri… (Now I am free…) 2'57
11 Laulu Lemminkäiselle (A Song for Lemminkäinen), Op.31 No.1 4'08
12 Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (The Rapids-Rider's Brides), Op.33 9'00
13 Sången om korsspindeln (Fool's Song of the Spider), Op.27 No.4 3'31
14 Sandels, Op.28 8'57
15 Athenarnes sång (Song of the Athenians), Op.31 No.3, original version 3'31
16 Islossningen i Uleå älv (The Breaking of the Ice on the Oulu River), Op.30 10'30
Disc 4
  Jean Sibelius
01 Athenarnes sång (Song of the Athenians), Op.31 No.3, arr. 3'26
02 Snöfrid, Op.29 14'15
03 Impromptu, Op.19, original version 5'27
04 Tulen synty (The Origin of Fire), Op.32, original version 11'20
05 Se'n har jag ej frågat mera, Op.17 No.1 1'53
06 Höstkväll (Autumn Evening), Op.38 No.1 4'29
07 På verandan vid havet (On a Balcony by the Sea), Op.38 No.2 3'06
08 I natten (In the Night), Op.38 No.3 3'37
09 Har du mod? (Have You Courage?), Op.31 No.2 1'38
10 Höstkväll (Autumn Evening), Op.38 No.1 (for voice and string orchestra) 4'55
11 Vapautettu kuningatar (The Captive Queen), Op.48 9'16
12 Grevinnans konterfej (The Countess's Portrait), JS88 3'31
13 Impromptu, Op.19, final version 6'57
Disc 5
  Jean Sibelius
01 Vapautettu kuningatar (The Captive Queen), Op.48, rev. 1910 (?) 9'21
02 Tulen synty (The Origin of Fire), Op.32, final version 9'03
03 Har du mod? (Have You Courage?), Op.31 No.2, 2nd version 2'48
04 Arioso, Op.3 3'48
05 Har du mod? (Have You Courage?), Op.31 No.2, 3rd version 1'54
06 Hertig Magnus (Duke Magnus), Op.57 No.6 3'35
07 Luonnotar, Op.70 9'00
08 Soluppgång (Sunrise), Op.37 No.3 2'22
09 Våren flyktar hastigt (Spring is Flying), Op.13 No.4 1'30
10 Har du mod? (Have You Courage?), Op.31 No.2 1'58
11 Sandels, Op.28 8'57
12 Demanten på marssnön, Op.36 No.6 2'58
13 Jääkärien marssi (March of the Finnish Jäger Battalion), Op.91a 2'23
14 Partiolaisten marssi (Scout March), Op.91b 2'50
15 Oma maa (My Own Land), Op.92 13'26
Disc 6
  Jean Sibelius
01 Jordens sång (Song of the Earth), Op.93 14'20
02 Autrefois, Scène pastorale, Op.96b 5'40
03 Maan virsi (Hymn to the Earth), Op.95 5'47
04 Väinön virsi (Väinämöinens Song), Op.110 8'53
05 Processional (Onward, Ye Peoples), Op.113 No.6 3'46
  Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (The Rapids-Rider's Brides), Op.33
06 Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (The Rapids-Riders Brides), Op.33 8'36
07 Ett ensamt skidspår (A Lonely Ski-Trail), JS77b 2'41
08 Kullervon valitus (Kullervos Lament) from Op.7 2'17
09 Kom nu hit, död (Come Away, Death), Op.60 No.1 2'48
  Album total 447'36
ComposerSibelius, Jean
OrchestraGothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
ConductorJärvi, Neeme
Panula, Jorma
Vänskä, Osmo
Mezzo-sopranoPaasikivi, Lilli
BaritoneHakala, Tommi
Hostikka, Juha
Hynninen, Jorma
Laukka, Raimo
ChoirDominante Choir
Göteborgs Konserthuskör
Helsinki University Chorus
Jubilate Choir
Lahti Boys’ Choir
YL Male Voice Choir
ChoirmasterHyökki, Matti
TenorHagegård, Erland
Nyman, Tom
SopranoHäggander, MariAnne
Juntunen, Helena
Mäkelä, Kristiina
NarratorEkblad, Stina
Pöysti, Lasse
Vänskä, Tytti
AltoKruse, Tone
Vakkilainen, Matleena
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