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Nordic Solo Flute Music

Composer Leonid Bashmakov
Sverre Bergh
Åke Hermanson
Erland von Koch
Ingvar Lidholm
Tauno Marttinen
Arne Mellnäs
Erkki Salmenhaara
Öistein Sommerfeldt
Leif Thybo
Performer Gunilla von Bahr
Catalogue Number BIS-150 CD
EAN 7318590001509
Format CD
Release date Aug 1994
Total time 77'21

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  Ingvar Lidholm
  Sonata per flauto solo (1946) 9'21
01 I. 3'39
02 II. 2'21
03 III. 1'27
04 IV. 1'54
  Arne Mellnäs
05 Fragments for Family Flute for two flautists with ten flutes 5'58
  Ake (Åke) Hermanson
06 Suoni d'un flauto per flauto alto, Op.6 2'59
  Ake (Åke) Hermanson
07 Flauto d'inverno per flauto basso, Op.16 2'59
  Erland von Koch
  Monologue No.1 for flute
08 Fantasy (alto flute) - Caprice (flute) 5'36
  Erland von Koch
09 Cantilena for Bass Flute, Op.78 2'27
  Øistein Sommerfeldt
  Divertimento, Op.9, for solo flute 7'16
10 I. Largo - Allegro 2'06
11 II. Adagio, un poco rubato 1'43
12 III. Scherzo 1'59
13 IV. Presto 1'28
  Øistein Sommerfeldt
  Spring Tunes, Op.44 for solo flute 6'41
14 I. Tune for the Flute 1'11
15 II. The Brook 0'34
16 III. Spring Morning 1'47
17 IV. Mountain Yearning 1'35
18 V. Spring Play in the Hills 1'34
  Sverre Bergh
19 Pan for Solo Flute (1959) 3'26
  Leif Thybo
20 Aria con variazioni per 4 flauti 5'51
  Erkki Salmenhaara
  Preludi, iskelmä ja fuuga soolohuilulle 11'42
21 I. Prelude 2'38
22 II. Pop Tune 4'47
23 III. Fugue 4'17
  Leonid Bashmakov
24 Fantasia per flauti (1972) 6'37
  Tauno Marttinen
25 Ilmatar, ilman impi (Ilmatar, Maid of the Air) 2'44
  Album total 77'21
FluteBahr, Gunilla von
ComposerBashmakov, Leonid
Bergh, Sverre
Hermanson, Ake (Åke)
Koch, Erland von
Lidholm, Ingvar
Marttinen, Tauno
Mellnäs, Arne
Salmenhaara, Erkki
Sommerfeldt, Øistein
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