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The Best of Yoshikazu Mera

There is, quite simply, no other singer who is remotely comparable with Yoshikazu Mera. In classical performance he sings in the alto range as what has come to be called a “counter tenor”. Here his voice is notable for the ease with which he can sing throughout the entire compass that is expected. His performance of Händel’s famous aria Lascia ch’io pianga won him a wide following as a classical singer and, indeed, introduced a new audience to the world of classical music. But Mera has much more to offer the world than melting performances of the most famous of Baroque arias. He has also won a wide following for both art songs and folk songs from his native Japan. And he has given us inimitable interpretations of some of the “standards” of the popular vocal repertoire. This selection of the Best of Mera shows him in all his different roles and proves him to be an extraordinarily versatile artist with an entirely personal timbre to his voice; an artist who is ever ready to surprise people who have mentally placed him in a particular genre of singing.
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  Jouzuru Hisaishi
01 Mononoke (Text: Hayao Miyazaki) [silent track - distribution license withdrawn] 1'20
  Sergey Rachmaninov
02 Vocalise, Op.34 No.14 3'33
  George Frideric Handel
03 Lascia ch´io pianga (Let me Lament) from Rinaldo (Text: after Tasso) 3'45
  George Frideric Handel
04 But who may abide... from Messiah (Text: Charles Jennens) 4'20
  Johann Sebastian Bach
05 Von den Stricken meiner Sünden (From the Fetters of my Sins) from St. John Passion, BWV245 4'32
  Johann Sebastian Bach
06 Bereite dich, Zion... (Prepare Yourself, Zion...) from Christmas Oratorio, BWV248 5'05
  George Frideric Handel
07 Ombra mai fu (Never was Shade) from Serse (Text: Silvio Stampiglia) 2'56
  Antonín Dvořák
08 Kdyz mne stará matka zpívat (Songs my Mother taught me) (Text: Adolf Heyduk) 2'01
  Kosaku Yamada
09 Higanbana (Amaryllises) (Text: Hakushu Kitahara) 3'40
  Ikuma Dan
10 Komoriuta (Lullaby) (Text: Akira Nogami) 4'21
  Yoshinao Nakada
11 Yomise no uta (Song of the Market Stalls) (Text: Sou Nishizawa) 2'11
  Kosaku Yamada
12 Akatonbo (The Red Dragonfly) (Text: Rofu Miki) 2'14
  Fumio Hayasaka
13 Uguisu (Nightingale) (Text: Haruo Sato) 4'16
  Shinpei Nakayama
14 Kachuusha no uta (Katjusha´s Song) (Text: Hogetsu Shimamura/Gyofu Souma) 5'16
  Touroku Takagi
15 Mizuiro no Warutsu (Light Blue Waltz) (Text: Kou Fujiura) 3'42
  Masao Koga
16 Kage wo shitaite (I Long for a Shadow) (Text: composer) 5'44
  Gil Goldstein
17 Music of the Spheres (Text: composer) 5'33
  Jouzuru Hisaishi
18 Mononoke (long version) [silent track - distribution license withdrawn] 3'29
  Album total 70'10
Counter-tenorMera, Yoshikazu
OrchestraJapan Philharmonic Orchestra
The Ghibli Orchestra
The Karen Orchestra
ComposerBach, Johann Sebastian
Dan, Ikuma
Dvořák, Antonín
Goldstein, Gil
Handel, George Frideric
Hayasaka, Fumio
Hisaishi, Jouzuru
Koga, Masao
Nakada, Yoshinao
Nakayama, Shinpei
Rachmaninov, Sergey
Takagi, Touroku
Yamada, Kosaku
ConductorGenda, Shigeo
Suzuki, Masaaki
EnsembleBach Collegium Japan
various accompaniments
PianoObura, Kikuko
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