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Orphei Drängar (OD)

Orphei Drängar (OD) consists of almost eighty singers aged between 20 and 55. Since its formation in Uppsala in 1853, the choir has striven to discover and develop new directions for the male-voice choir as a means of musical expression. For four decades each, some of Sweden’s finest conductors – Hugo Alfvén, Eric Ericson and Robert Sund – worked with OD. Since 2008 Cecilia Rydinger Alin has been the choir’s artistic director.

The annual ‘Caprice’ concerts, dating back to 1962, stand out in particular among the results of the choir’s ambition to expand the horizons that define what a choir can look and sound like. OD regularly seeks out musical encounters: it has a rich tradition of collaboration with eminent conductors including Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Alan Gilbert, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Neeme Järvi, with instrumentalists and singers such as the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble, Anne Sofie von Otter, Christian Lindberg, Malena Ernman and Peter Mattei, as well as with numerous symphony orchestras.

Every year OD undertakes concert tours in Sweden. In recent decades, the choir has also embarked on international tours to North and Central America and the Far East as well as to most European countries. OD has recorded some twenty records that together have sold almost 150,000 copies, and makes around twenty appearances annually in Sweden and abroad. His Majesty King Carl Gustaf XVI is Orphei Drängar’s permanent patron.

De Profundis - Sacred Music for Male Choir
The Unknown Sibelius
BIS-2065 CD
Veljo Tormis - Curse Upon Iron
Peter Mattei - A Kaleidoscope
BIS-1954 CD
The Sibelius Edition Vol.11 - Choral Music
BIS-1930 CD
6 CDs for the price of 3
Christmas Songs
BIS-1833 CD
"Lovely stuff." American Record Guide
Sounds of Sund - arrangements for male-voice choir
BIS-5030 CD
The Essential SIBELIUS
BIS-1697 CD
15 CDs for the price of 6
Christian Lindberg - A composer´s portrait
BIS-1428 CD
Caprice with Orphei Drängar, Vol.5 (1987 - 1990)
BIS-5027 CD
Caprices with Orphei Drängar, Vol.4 (1982 - 1986)
BIS-5024 CD
Diamonds - 20th-Century Masterpieces for Male Choir
BIS-1233 CD
Caprices with Orphei Drängar, Vol.3 (1976 - 1981)
BIS-5022 CD
Caprices with Orphei Drängar, Vol.2 (1970 - 1975)
BIS-5016 CD
Christmas in Sweden
BIS-1179 CD
Schubert Male Choruses
BIS-1033 CD
Caprices with Orphei Drängar
BIS-5010 CD
Våren är kommen - Traditional Swedish Songs of Spring and Summer
BIS-833 CD
The Singing Apes and Other Songs of Love and War
BIS-733 CD
OD Sings Alfvén
BIS-633 CD
Penguin Guide 3 stars
Christmas Music with OD
BIS-533 CD
OD Highlights for male-voice choir
BIS-383 CD
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